Service Areas of Gair, Gair, Conason, Rubinowitz, Bloom, Heshenhorn, Steigman & Mackauf

Dedicated Personal Injury Attorneys in the Heart of New York

Located strategically in downtown Manhattan, adjacent to the court, the Personal Injury Law Firm of Gair, Gair, Conason, Rubinowitz, Bloom, Heshenhorn, Steigman & Mackauf is uniquely positioned to efficiently manage and administer cases for our clients. We specialize in offering top-tier legal representation to individuals and families affected by personal injuries.

Areas We Proudly Serve

Our commitment to justice and client care extends across New York and New Jersey. Here is a breakdown of the regions where our expertise is readily available:

The Five Boroughs of New York City:
  1. Manhattan:

    In the heart of NYC, our personal injury attorneys offer our expert legal services including but not limited to

    1. Car Accident Litigation
    2. Truck Accident Litigation
    3. Bus Accident Litigation
    4. Bicycle Accident Litigation
    5. Construction Accident Litigation
    6. Medical Malpractice Litigation
    7. Nursing Home Negligence Litigation
    8. Premises Liability Litigation
    9. Sexual Abuse Litigation
    10. Product Liability Litigation
    11. Wrongful Death Litigation
  2. Brooklyn:

    Our Brooklyn Personal Injury Attorneys have been helping countless numbers of residents litigate their cases including but not limited to:

    1. Brooklyn Car Accident Litigation
    2. Brooklyn Truck Accident Litigation
    3. Brooklyn Bus Accident Litigation
    4. Brooklyn Bicycle Accident Litigation
    5. Brooklyn Construction Accident Litigation
    6. Brooklyn Medical Malpractice Litigation
    7. Brooklyn Nursing Home Negligence Litigation
    8. Brooklyn Premises Liability Litigation
    9. Brooklyn Sexual Abuse Litigation
    10. Brooklyn Product Liability Litigation
    11. Brooklyn Wrongful Death Litigation
  3. Bronx:

    Our Bronx Personal Injury Attorneys stand with the Bronx community in seeking justice and compensation in the following case and more:

    1. Bronx Car Accident Litigation
    2. Bronx Truck Accident Litigation
    3. Bronx Bus Accident Litigation
    4. Bronx Bicycle Accident Litigation
    5. Bronx Construction Accident Litigation
    6. Bronx Medical Malpractice Litigation
    7. Bronx Nursing Home Negligence Litigation
    8. B Bronx Premises Liability Litigation
    9. Bronx Sexual Abuse Litigation
    10. Bronx Product Liability Litigation
    11. Bronx Wrongful Death Litigation
  4. Queens:

    Our experienced team of Queens Personal Injury Attorneys is ready to assist Queens' residents with their legal needs including but not limited to:

    1. Queens Car Accident Litigation
    2. Queens Truck Accident Litigation
    3. Queens Bus Accident Litigation
    4. Queens Bicycle Accident Litigation
    5. Queens Train Accident Litigation
    6. Queens Construction Accident Litigation
    7. Queens Medical Malpractice Litigation
    8. Queens Nursing Home Negligence Litigation
    9. Queens Premises Liability Litigation
    10. Queens Sexual Abuse Litigation
    11. Queens Product Liability Litigation
    12. Queens Wrongful Death Litigation
  5. Staten Island:

    Our Staten Island Personal Injury Lawyers provide aggressive and effective legal aid in Staten Island.

Beyond the City – New York Metro & Upstate:
  • Long Island:
    Our reach extends to the Long Island area, offering comprehensive legal support.
  • The Mid- and Lower Hudson Valley :
    We are equipped to handle cases throughout this region.
  • North and Central New Jersey:
    Our expertise crosses state lines, aiding clients in New Jersey.
  • Upstate New York:
    Our services are available to those in need in upstate areas.
Contact Us Today

If you or your loved ones need legal assistance in these areas, do not hesitate to contact us by calling us at (212) 943-1090 or by sending us an email explaining your case. Our team is ready to provide you with a free consultation and guide you through your legal journey.

Client Reviews
"Very compassionate, very efficient and top rate! If you want a team of good lawyers that will not only work hard to win your case but knows how to listen and feel for you as a victim of medical malpractice, this firm is your only choice." [Extract] D.F.
"Everyone I communicated with at this firm made me feel like I was part of their family. My needs, feelings, and concerns were carefully considered and given the needed attention. My counselors were available whenever I needed them and became my personal friends. They came highly recommended and lived up to their reputation. I would recommend them to any of my friends without hesitation. This firm gives attorneys a "good name". Clients matter here. They made me feel like I mattered as a person, that I was valued, and not just a possible source of income for the firm. They earned their fees, and you will find that they will also earn your trust." N.W.
"My husband was in a coma with very little chances to survive, due to a car accident. The compassion and professionalism that they showed myself and my family during such a difficult time combined with an incredible willingness to get the best results for us have shown us that we had made the absolute best choice. They not only fought extremely hard for what proved to be a very difficult case, but they also emotionally helped us through this incredible ordeal and have been a caring advocate for our family and our case. They got us the best results we could have expected given the circumstances and didn't give up when things got more challenging." [Extract] V.P.
"August 2020, my mother was in a horrific car accident. I contacted Gair Gair Conason to handle my mother's case. Everyone at the firm who helped us with the case did such a fantastic job with being so efficient. We could not have been more satisfied with the services we received." [Extract] K.C.