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On May 24 2022, NY Governor Kathy Hochul signed what is known as the Adult Survivors Act (ASA) which allowed a one year look back window for adult survivors of sexual abuse to sue their alleged abuser, The Law took effect 6 months after the date of signing.

What Is the Adult Survivors Act (ASA)?

Sexual Assault Victims Must Seek CompensationThe Adult Survivors Act enables Adult Sexual Abuse Victims to file a civil lawsuit against their predators and potentially the organizations that protected them. Adult victims of sexual abuse that occurred in NY State have been given a unique one-time opportunity to file a claim and obtain compensation for the abuse they suffered regardless of when the abuse occurred. The Adult Survivors Act mirrors the Child Victims Act and offers adult victims of sexual abuse a one year window to file a suit against their abuser.

Survivors of sexual abuse that occurred to them at anytime when they were 18-year-old and older were able to file a lawsuit from November 24, 2022, to November 24, 2023. Some legislators are now pushing for re-opening a legal window to provide more time for survivors of sexual abuse to file a claim against their abuser after a recent investigation found that hundreds of victims were abused in the jail complex of Rikers Island.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Bring a Lawsuit Under the Adult Survivors Act?

If you were an adult victim of a sexual abuse and want to file a complaint under the Adult Survivors Act, we highly recommend you discuss your case with a  sexual abuse attorney in NYC that has experience in dealing with these cases. You might have a case not only against your aggressor but also against the organization or the corporation the abuser was employed by at the time of the abuse. As a result, such cases, especially those involving corporations, might involve complex litigations with strong defendants that only well equipped and experienced attorneys will be able to confront on your behalf.

Our aggressive sexual abuse attorneys have unmatched trial expertise and skills and have obtained record verdicts and settlements against the catholic church, schools, and other large organizations.

Can I Sue an Organization or an Employer for Sexual Abuse Perpetrated by an Employee?

An organization or an employer for which a sexual predator was working can be sued for sexual assault. Your attorney will have to prove that the organization or the employer knew or should have known that the predator was a sexual abuser and did not act in a manner that prevented abuse to others.

Our attorneys will usually investigate the case by finding out if protocols to prevent sexual abuse in the company were in place and if they were followed. They will also find out if there were red flags and if these red flags were ignored or missed. Were there previous complaints and were these complaints properly investigated and addressed?

What Is Considered Sexual Abuse?

Sexual Abuse also called sex abuse or molestation occurs when someone takes advantage of another person and exhibits inappropriate sexual behavior that can include undesired sexual contact or sexual requests, sharing inappropriate videos or pictures as well as forcing someone to look at pornographic material.

What Is Sexual Assault?

Sexual assault is a form of sexual violence during which a person sexually touches or tortures, gropes or forces another person to have sex without the other person’s consent (rape).

What Is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment occurs when someone makes inappropriate explicit or implicit comments or asks for sexual favors in exchange of rewards. Sexual harassment often occurs at work but also at school or in other social settings. It can also occur at home or in the family environment.

How Can an Attorney Help if I Suffered Sexual Abuse?

A skillful sexual abuse attorney will help you file a lawsuit against your predator and any organization such as your workplace who facilitated the abuse to obtain compensation for the pain and damages you suffered.

What Type of Injuries Can You Suffer During Sexual Abuse?

Sexual abuse can have lifetime consequences as victims often suffer psychological harm that can result in permanent scars.

When a person suffers sexual violence such as rape, the damages are also physical going from bruises to broken bones as well as vaginal or anal trauma.

Sexual abuse can also lead to financial difficulties as a victim of sexual abuse might be forced to find a new job, pay for medical bills, or even move from their house.

What Type of Compensation Can I Obtain if I Was a Victim of Sexual Assault in NY?

In NY, a victim of sexual abuse can be compensated for

  • Psychological damages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Financial harm
  • Medical bills

Our sexual abuse attorneys understand the embarrassment, guilty feeling, and shame that victims of sexual abuse suffer. These are the exact feelings that molesters and other sexual predators rely on to silence their victims. Contact us to confidentially to discuss your case.

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