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Electrical Shock and Electrocution Accidents

Electrical shock accidents can have serious, often fatal, affects on a person. Electrocution occurs when a person is killed by an electrical shock. Various types of injuries can occur from numerous sources capable of producing a high voltage of electricity. The damage that can be caused from exposure to an electrical shock include burns, heart damage, cellular damage and death.

A frequent source of electrical shock or electrocution is contact with overhead power lines. Electric companies have a duty to properly install and maintain their wires including fixing sags in power lines or repairing and guarding against power lines that have been knocked down in a storm. When a power company fails to exercise reasonable care in protecting the public in these situations, it can be held responsible.

Defective products cause an alarming number of electrical injuries. These often occur in the home due to defective products, such as appliances, power tools, or medical devices. Children are particularly susceptible to electrocution by unsafe children’s products as they can often occur instantaneously and without any prior warning. Faulty installations or repairs can also result in electrocution and are a primary cause of electrical accidents in the home.

Electrocution in the workplace normally occurs due to unsafe working conditions, or malfunctioning or defective machinery or tools. Although many of these cases will be limited by the Workers Compensation laws of the State of New York, cases often can be pursued against other companies such as the manufacturers of the defective product or the companies that maintain it.

Electrical shock and electrocution cases usually involve theories of products liability which require attorneys with specialized expertise in the applicable New York laws. In a case involving an electrical shock arising from defective design of a product, the claim is that the product functioned as it was designed but the design was negligent. The risk of electric shock or electrocution must be designed out of the product if such can be done without destroying the utility of the product. If this can't be done then the possibility of electrical shock or electrocution must be guarded against or, if guarding is not possible, warned against.

Whenever an accident occurs involving electricity, it is critical that the attorneys handling the matter enlist the assistance of top experts in the fields of electrical engineering, accident investigation, and reconstruction, to determine the cause of the accident and the parties responsible.

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